The SHIFT project – presented at the National Conference of ANBPR with the title “Public library – source of promotion and preservation of local memory”, Craiova, Romania (May 10-14, 2023)

One of the most representative event of libraries in Romania, the BiblioNEXT National Conference in Craiova was organized in partnership by the “Alexandru și Aristia Aman” Dolj County Library and the National Association of Public Librarians and Libraries in Romania (ANBPR), with the support of the Dolj County Council.

In accordance with the ongoing concerns of libraries in the field of local memory and knowledge, the central theme of the current Conference was the major role that public libraries have in collecting, preserving and promoting local cultural heritage.

Members of the partner consortium implementing the SHIFT – MetamorphoSis of cultural Heritage Into augmented hypermedia assets For enhanced accessibiliTy and inclusion project, financed under the Horizon 2021-2027 programme, also took part in this complex and high-impact professional event, along with library professionals, collaborators, representatives of NGOs and the business sector as well as important officials.

At the opening of the BiblioNEXT Conference -which took place on Thursday, May 11, 2023, at the Art Museum’s “Constantin Brâncusi” Center-, Rob Davies, responsible for dissemination on behalf of the Initiative for Heritage Conservation, Greece, presented his work titled Public libraries in the culture of places. What does the future look like?.

On this occasion, Rob Davies provided a very good contextualization of the scope of developing the SHIFT project, the implementation premises and the benefits that the project will bring to cultural and creative institutions in the field of conservation and promotion of European cultural heritage.

On the second day of the Conference, Friday, May 12, 2023, Ioana Crihană (ANBPR) and Răzvan Purcărea (SIMAVI) gave a presentation with the title ANBPR – interface for promoting and preserving cultural heritage through projects. SHIFT – an innovative approach with the support of artificial intelligence.

The presentation brought to the forefront the modern ways of making cultural heritage elements accessible proposed by the SHIFT project and highlighted the innovative approach through which users will become part of the process of understanding and interpreting cultural heritage assets with the support of technology.

The BiblioNEXT National Conference in Craiova hosted a wide range of presentations, professional interactions and exchanges of relevant best practices regarding the promotion and preservation of local memory, a field in which the SHIFT project brings an important innovation component.

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