About the project.

The SHIFT consortium brings together 13 leading research and industrial organisations and SMEs, coordinated by SIMAVI (Romania), with the vision to strengthen the impact of cultural heritage assets. It will increase the appeal of historical artefacts, improving their accessibility and usability for everyone through better content representation, enriched user experiences, inclusive design, training and more engaging business models.

General overview.

SHIFT: MetamorphoSis of cultural Heritage Into augmented hypermedia assets For enhanced accessibiliTy and inclusion supports the adoption of digital transformation strategies and the uptake of tools within the creative and cultural industries (CCI), where progress has been lagging.


The project is strategically conceived to deliver, by advancing beyond the state-of-the-art, a set of loosely coupled technological tools that offers cultural heritage institutions (CHI) the impetus to stimulate growth and communicate new experiences to all citizens (including people with disabilities) by embracing the latest technological innovations in

Work packages.


SHIFT user requirements analysis for Cultural Heritage accessibility and inclusion


  • To study and formalise the stakeholder requirements on cultural curation, accessibility, inclusion and storytelling
  • To identify the IT infrastructure commonly available among stakeholders to support SHIFT component installation
  • To develop usability evaluation guidelines and acceptability metrics
  • To document content distribution processes from end-user organisations to technology providers
  • To gather, curate, edit, publish UGC (or professional) contents at any scale


Tools for authoring augmented hypermedia and gesture recognition for enriched accessibility


  • To design and implement novel deep-learning architectures for foreground and background segmentation from CH archives
  • To investigate physics-informed constraints in training deep-learning algorithms for foreground object motion sequence generation
  • To develop automated motion sequence generator for foreground object using GANs
  • To recognition actions from video sequence(s) for generating audio captioning


Audio engineering framework and multi-modal stimuli transformation


  • To devise comprehensive textual representation algorithms based on novel NLP approaches of cultural heritage assets based on big volumes of descriptions and semantics
  • To develop a novel text/video to speech tool able to convey the visual / textual stimuli of the source to emotional augmented audio streams
  • To model temporal evolution of language resources for enriched cultural content curation
  • To implement haptic interaction with 3D digital tangible and intangible cultural heritage assets, augmenting the Users

Experience (UX) with new interaction paradigms that can be used in situ or remotely

  • To provide a comprehensive intuitive and accessible for all multimodal storytelling of cultural heritage assets


Cross-modality curation of cultural content using inclusion by design

  • To define a set of content pre-processing features and implement the toolbox for metadata extraction
  • To develop novel approaches for multimedia curation based on association by design
  • To implement standardised APIs for stakeholder system integration with SHIFT repository
  • To develop metadata interoperability formats based on association by design for long-term preservation of cultural assets


SHIFT architecture design, integration, validation, and demonstration


  • To design and develop a valid architectural system and implement a functional platform and define integration patterns
  • To ensure full functional integration based on the architectural design
  • To implement a back-end system that currently supports “content management services” and user management for all actors
  • To perform platform and tools wide validation with specific end-user pilots


Dissemination and communication

Discover whether the system is right for the market and find bottlenecks and possible oversights. Ensure extensive adoption by stakeholders and the public by disseminating results and outcomes in an effective manner. To develop a sustainable business for the platform, the multimedia video clip and storytelling products

  • Grow our contributor communities and welcome new audiences to join our brand storytelling, by encouraging them to share their experiences though photos, videos and live video feeds
  • Deliver authentic, immersive, and relevant content through interactive galleries, social activities, promotional contests and more


Project coordination

The project management encompasses contractual issues, technical, administrative, finance, communication and knowledge management inside the project, and external relationships between the project and the EC. The Project Coordinator SIMAVI will lead the overall project management including the system integration and technical deployment in the cloud, but it will be assisted by the members of the Steering Committee and the WP leaders. The project coordination aims to guarantee a timely implementation of the respective activities and achievements of the project objectives and the quality of the project deliverables. The objective of this WP is to ensure that the project achieves its goal within the budget and scheduled deadlines.

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